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A Manitowoc, Wisconsin native at the age of 15 started following his passion early by doing small body work and paint projects on his own truck.  He soon found himself learning and working with two talented friends/mentors Matt Meyer and Bill Dieterich.  Working on custom cars and trucks from a small shop they rented together was just the beginning.

While working two jobs and attending the University of Wisconsin, the late nights and early mornings at the shop seemed to always prevail. Soon after graduating, Adam with his brother Tyler, attended Wyotech and then moved to Manteno IL 2006. 

"Rad Rides by Troy was a dream place of mine to work at, so I wanted to move close to the shop and give myself an opportunity for a job." Adam first worked at a local body shop in Manteno and then was soon hired at Rad Rides as a metal fabricator. "Welding and fabricating was fun but I really wanted to be at the body shop."  After a few big projects at the body shop and working side by side with Charley Hutton, Adam decided to move to Idaho and work under Charley.

Adams big chance came when he was offered to move back to Manteno and be in charge of the body shop at Rad Rides.  "It was my big break, I was given a chance to be that guy!" 

After five grateful years, Adam decided it was time to venture into his own business, The Refinery.

Today, The Refinery is located in Manteno, Il.  Adam and Tyler continue to strive to do the finest paint/body work on hotrods, custom cars and vintage automobiles.

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